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October 2021 H2O water molecule 
Is your water healthy? 
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National Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Antioxidant alkaline water helps reduce acidity

PPI Acid Reflux drugs cause C.diff,
magnesium loss & bone fractures








September jobs report misses expectations. People are afraid of working due to covid-19.
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Diabetes Test
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You Are What You Drink!

Offset your health
insurance costs
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Columbus Day



Alkaline Water Appliance Sale
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Some sports drinks & sodas contain the flame retardant chemical BVO

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Antibacterial soap
& products may
contain triclosan.
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safe disinfectant.














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Healthy spirit, healthy mind, healthy body. Miss Fanny’s haunted house event. Special guest singer, entertainer, performer & environmentalist Gary Jerome. Guest speaker at alkaline water presentations and demonstrations. About our guest speaker. Gary Jerome, has established his fine reputation in the environmental consulting field for the past 30+ years. His expertise in environmental compliance and groundwater remediation helps his vast array of clients to cost-effectively achieve their goals. In addition to his successful consulting practice, he has dedicated himself to the study of biological medicine and has traveled throughout the country, working with top naturopathic and biological medicine practitioners and researchers. Gary’s extensive experience and knowledge of water technology and biology, combined with his dynamic presentation style has been likened to part educator, part entertainer. In fact, Gary is a trained tenor who has performed throughout the country in supper clubs and concert venues. Shortly after 9/11, Gary performed at various memorial services throughout the tri-state area. Subsequently, he released his album entitled "A Strong Voice For America." Gary has combined his passion and skills for research, educating and performing, which has resulted in a rapidly-expanding network of like-minded critical thinkers. Gary’s mission statement is to help empower others to empower others. Contact us for information and reservations. Not making enough money at work? Looking for an opportunity? Out of work? GOV SHUTDOWN: Government shutdown income opportunity. Create a second income from home. Work from anywhere second income as a Kangen water® distributor. Now Hiring! Best woman entrepreneur opportunity. Fire your boss! Be your own boss lady! Rise of the women entrepreneurs! How to become a successful woman entrepreneur. Women empowerment opportunity. 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