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Business Opportunities Available

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Financial independence

Referral Program
Individuals seeking extra income can earn commission through simple referrals.

Employment Plan
If you're seeking employment, we have local employment opportunities available nationwide. We offer a generous compensation plan and the opportunity for rapid advancement in a global company.

For entrepreneurial and business minded people, we provide the opportunity to generate direct income, leveraged income and residual income locally, nationally and internationally in a recession resistant industry. Our business plan offers unlimited earning potential with access to local and global markets.

Business Owners
Business managers and owners looking to increase their business exposure, attract customers, leverage their time and generate an extra income stream can benefit from our lucrative business opportunity.

Our unique opportunities allow the freedom of working your own flexible hours, full time or part time, at your convenience. We provide training and support. Bonus pay is available for qualified individuals.

  Think outside the box.
contact us to learn more.
Think outside the box 
Contact us to learn more

Independent Brand Ambassador
Enjoy a fun and exciting career as a product brand ambassador. Introduce and promote high quality life changing products to individuals and businesses, increase brand awareness, perform live demonstrations and give away free product. Learn how to become a brand ambassador and earn a great living. Additional awards and incentives are available for qualified individuals.

Income for Stay at Home Moms, Stay at Home Dads, Baby Boomers & Seniors
Ask about our remote work from home opportunity. Learn how to earn income from the comfort of your home. Senior citizens and baby boomers can build up their nest egg retirement income at their own pace. Earn extra money to pay your bills, save money for the future or make a second income.

Student Loan Debt Relief
Students who need tuition assistance, school books and supplies or help paying off student loans, may use our enhanced referral program. Ask for information.

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