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Affiliate Program
Generate an extra income stream through our unique high paying affiliate program. Simply place our customized link on your website and you'll have the opportunity to generate income with no effort.
Learn about our unique affiliate program. Click here and select "Affiliate program for website owners."

Domain Name Registration
Your domain name ( is your Web address on the Internet. It allows your customers to easily find you on the World Wide Web. If you don't yet have a domain name, we will setup your business with your own complete domain name Web address ( If you're not yet ready to put up your site, ComputerTek can just reserve your domain name for now and put up a temporary under construction page. When you're ready to place your content on the site, we can develop the full site for you. This way you'll have an Internet presence and your name will be reserved so no one else can register it. We will also setup multiple e-mail addresses at your domain name. Due to the exponentially increasing expansion of the Internet, choice domain names are consumed at a very fast pace. Contact ComputerTek to assure your domain name is available for your business.

We also offer domain name renewal. If you currently have a domain name, contact us before your domain name expires and we will renew it for you. If you allow it to expire, it will become available for anyone to purchase and you can lose your domain name.

Domain name pointing allows us to point multiple domain names to the same website. You can register the same domain name (or a different domain name) with .com, .net, .org, etc. to fully protect your corporate identity and prevent others from registering your company name. For instance, if your website address is but you also want users to find your site under, or, domain pointing will accomplish this task. We can even setup a completely different Web address such as, etc. so your business can have a Web presence under various names. When a visitor types your pointer domain name into their browser's address bar, it will load your main site. In addition, you can also receive e-mail through your pointer domain.

Web Design
Our web design packages offer a one-step approach to having a professional website developed for your business in the fastest possible timeframe and at minimal cost. If you have specific preferences for your site we can custom design it "A La Carte" to your specifications. As with any of our design services, additional web pages and options such as slideshows and web calendars can be added to expand and enhance your site at any time. We also provide updates, redesign and maintenance of current websites.

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